Rising Leaven and fallen man

Serve Him in the Waiting

I was going to write an article on how Marxism has so thoroughly infiltrated the church, how there is an elitism there that echos that of the globalists, an Evangelical deep-state, as it were. I was going to delve into how it started covertly in some of the seminaries in the 1990’s and now, as with the NWO agenda, they are not even bothering to hide it. There are pastors that believe Marxism is more “Christian” than the free market.

Instead of sermons from scripture, pastors give lectures using talking points taken directly from Cultural Marxism. They no longer call their local church a body, but a “community” instead. It crept along for a while, but now it is rapidly evolving because the leaven has been distributed, now it is rising in an out-of-control fashion. Professed Christians steeped in Marxianity, are the ones who will turn you in for violating…

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