No Amount of Sugar

Where Living Begins

It doesn’t matter how it’s cooked or what’s added to it, I hate rhubarb. No amount of sugar in the world can cover up the bitter taste of the vegetable.

Making it worse are those people who say, It tastes like strawberries. NOT TRUE!

Some years back a friend made a pie for me. She used a graham cracker crust for the base and covered the fruity filling with foamy whipped cream. It looked wonderful, but you can’t fool an old dog. I knew right away that the stringy red filling wasn’t strawberries or cherries or raspberries. She tried to trick me, but I knew it was rhubarb before I even tasted it.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it seems as though God is trying to “slip” things past us that we don’t like? He does it all the time. Big things. Little things. Fun things. Not so fun…

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