Receding in the rearview mirror

Serve Him in the Waiting

­The battle for the soul of America was lost when the 2020 election was stolen. I should say, rather, that event sealed the deal. I know people who have plans for years to come, as if this country has not been hijacked, as if, “well, okay, so they got by with it this one time, but we will get it ironed out, because this is America!” 

Denial isn’t going to stop the implosion. America, the land of the free, is no more. It was awesome while it lasted.

We still call it that, sure. But it’s an insult to the founders, and the soldiers who fought to gain and preserve the vision and the actuality of the Constitutional Republic of America.

Obama’s second term came about the same way Joe Biden’s “presidency” did, if not also his first, and I am convinced he is still playing a big role.


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