Shake it Off?

Serve Him in the Waiting

This past week has been a real gut-punch for America, and the rest of the world were not unscathed. Coming at us like an abusive husband, it knocked the collective breath out of an already battered, punch-drunk populace, and like a repeatedly battered wife, we took it. Those on the outside looking in, can’t comprehend “why we stay”, why we put up with it, and much like a battered, beaten down wife, we can’t articulate any comprehendable answer to that question ourselves. But these abuse stories don’t always continue in perpituity until the battered wife is dead. Sometimes, that beaten down wife remembers who she used to be, and she reaches way deep down inside and musters up a determination she never knew was there. Driven by the momentum of long-accumulated rage, sometimes the battered wife becomes a force to be reckoned with that nothing can stop, because she has…

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