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  • Third Week of September 2020 Presuppositional Apologetics Round Up

    September 22, 2020 by

    Originally posted on The Domain for Truth:
    Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between September 15th-21st, 2020. 1.) Donation for the new Bahnsen Project. 2.)Bible Contradiction? How many of Pahathmoab, Jeshua, and Joab’s offspring returned from Babylon? 3.) Van Til and Analogical Knowledge 4.) Cave to the Cross Ep. 90 – Tactics – Steamrollers 5.)…

  • Mid-September 2020 Presuppositional Apologetics Links

    September 16, 2020 by

    Originally posted on The Domain for Truth:
    These are links concerning Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between September 8th-15th, 2020. 1.) Greg Bahnsen – New Book ‘Against All Opposition’ 2.) Bible Contradiction? How many of Arah’s offspring returned from Babylon? 3.) Cave to the Cross’ Ep. 89 – Tactics – Taking The Roof Off 4.) Resources ON THE PROBLEM OF EVIL…

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